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The Correct-function is for exceptional edit operations which are usually not possible under normal circumstances.

1.Search/select the lab result you wish to Correct. (Refer to the Searching section above).

2.Click on the Correct button on top of the Lab results page.

3. Depending on the status of the result and whether the result has been matched or not with a DCF, a new window pops up offering one or more of the following options to correct data:

  • Correct the sample code
  • Correct the sample type
  • Remove analysis EPO
  • Remove analysis OTHER
  • Correct Test Type
  • Correct Gender
  • Correct sport/discipline
  • Delete the Lab result

4.Make the correction and provide a mandatory Reason. This reason will be logged.

5. Click on the Save button.

To obtain the Correct-button you have to make sure that the Corrector-user role is set up in your user account profile [login as the Admin – go to User Account management – search for your username – click on view/edit in the last column of your user account record – go to the tab user account info – under Business role select additionally 'Corrector' – save]

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