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A popup containing the contact information of various organizations is now available for all users of the system. The contact link is located in the top frame of ADAMS, next to the HELP link.

Clicking this link will display a popup which allows you to search for any organization registered in ADAMS.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Short name/long name: Tries to match the text entered with either the short name or long name of an organization
  • Role: Searches for organizations having at least one of the roles chosen. If lab is the only role criteria chosen, then the results will return only pure labs.
  • Countries: Searches for organizations (usually a NADO or NF) configured with at least one of the countries chosen.
  • Sports: Searches for organizations (usually an IF or NF) configured with at least one of the sports chosen.

After clicking the search button, a list of organizations that meet the criteria will be listed. The name of each organization is in turn a link that will display a popup showing the organization's contact information.

  • This information is entered by the administrator of each organization or can be entered by the ADAMS administrator on their behalf.
  • If a section does not contain any information, it will be omitted from the display.
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