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The Complete Status tab on a Mission Order gives you a quick overview of the status of your planned tests.

Each value in the columns of this tab can be clicked to access the corresponding document in a pop-up window:

    • Click the link in the Name column to display the athlete profile;
    • Click the link in the Test column to display the test;
    • Click the link in the DCF column to display the DCF;
    • Click the link in the Analysis result received column to display the lab result.

Please note that you must have access rights to the document in order to display it.

You can also generate a Doping Control Form or Cancel a Test from this grid.

It is worth noting that you can report a Missed Test from a Mission Order. You do this by clicking the test (i.e. the status displayed in the Test column), editing the tests, setting the status to "Close - Sample(s) not collected" and then set the sub-status to "Missed Test". However the system does not automatically generate a Whereabouts Non Conformity, the user must generate that record as a result of a missed test.

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