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Within ADAMS you may have a requirement to attach documents or files. This is done from the Activities tab once you have initially saved a lab result.

The Activities tab will automatically be populated with entries recording creation and editing of the related record. To add an attachment within the Activities tab, click on the add activity button.

Clicking the New Activity button generates the Add Activity window. Here you enter a Reference date, create a Subject or title, enter any notes or comments relevant and then to add a file or document click on the Add attachment button.

When you click the Add attachment button, the Choose file window will open. Navigate to and select the file from its location on your hard drive, then click on the Open button.

This will place the document's file path in the Add attachment field and when you save the activity it will save a copy of the file or document on the central ADAMS server.
Once saved to the server it will display in the Activity grid and have a paperclip icon to denote the fact there is an attachment loaded.

To view an attachment, simply click on the subject link and then click on the open attachment button and you will be able to view the attached file or document.

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