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As per ADAMS Release 4.0 a facility in ADAMS is introduced to provide each lab a place in ADAMS to securely indicate the prices of the analysis methods and services they offer. In order to allow the Lab the possibility to specify this information, a new section is included in the Admin back-end where the Lab administrator can state this information. In principle the information to be provided by the Lab will be standardized across all Labs. A menu is presented with a standard breakdown, for the Lab to indicate their methods with specific prices and pricing schemes.

Only Testing Authorities (IF/NADO/etc) with ADAMS accounts will be given the possibility to view this information for each Lab from the Contact info link in their ADAMS header, as well as through a new Lab Price Table Report. The Lab’s price information will not be available to Lab users from other laboratories. Each Lab user has access to only the price information pertaining to their own Lab.

Once the Lab Administrator has entered and saved the prices for the methods and services at the ADMIN back-end, the information will be stored as a table and be made visible to the relevant Testing Authorities. The information that can be provided: validity period of the price list (start/end date), the currency, the analytical method/service, the price per sample/service, any comments to that method/service and finally, applying to the price table as a whole the Price table remarks. In the first instance a standardized menu of methods/services is presented to the Lab in the Admin back-end, subdivided in the categories Urine, Blood-Serum, Blood-Whole Blood, B Sample Analysis and Other Services. It is, however, possible for the Lab to manually add additional services and methods in each category.

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