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The service provider configuration pages allow an administrator to configure/view the contract(s) between a service provider and the organizations it services. Specifically, it is available to:

  • ADAMS administrators (ADM2)
  • Organization administrators: (N)ADO, WADA, Sport Federation, Service Provider

High Level Use Case

  • Only an ADAMS administrator can initiate a relationship between an organization (source) and a service provider (target)
  • Then, the administrator of the source organization can configure in detail the relationship, by specifying the services to be provided.
  • The same pages are used by ADM2 and the source administrator to configure the relationship. The available options are different according to the user.
  • Service Provider administrators can use this page to view the contract defined between themselves and other organizations.

Initiation of the Relationship

  • ADM2 can create a relationship between any organization (except for lab and service provider) and a service provider.
  • Only one relationship between a given organization and a given service provider may exist
  • ADM2 can configure:
    • the source organization (only active organizations)
    • the service provider (only active organizations)
    • the activity status of the relationship
    •  The relationship has two levels of activity status: one for ADM2 and one for the administrator of the source organization. If ADM2 deactivates a relationship, the organization administrator cannot reactivate it.
  • ADM2 can also delete a relationship

Finalization of the configuration of the relationship

  • an administrator of the source organization can configure additional details about the relationships:
    • list of services involved
    • list of User Groups covered by the contract which, in turn, defines the athletes accessible to the service provider. Note that if a contract has no User Group, the service provider user will not have access to any athletes.
    • period of activity
    • a status of activity
  • By default the relationship is not active once created.

Service Provider administrator

  • They can only view the high level definition of the relationships involving their organization.
  • They cannot see the User Groups associated to the contract.

Search among relationships

  • The page contains some criteria to facilitate the search among the existing relationships:
    • Source Organization - available to ADM2 and Service provider administrator
    • Service Provider - available to ADM2 and source organization
  • It is also possible to sort the results by:
    • Source organization name
    • service provider name
    • starting date of the relationship

Activation by an organization administrator

  • To activate a contract, the organization administrator MUST set at least one service and one user group in the contract.
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