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When reporting a routine/EQAS result in ADAMS, the Labs now have the possibility to indicate the methods that were used when analyzing the sample. The reporting of this information can be done on the Lab results/EQAS page in ADAMS directly or through the use of CSV/XML batch files (routine results only).

The general analyzing capabilities/methods of the Lab can be entered at the ADMIN backend by the Lab administrator, and will be stored there as a table. The information to provide for each capability/method includes the test method code as per the ISO 17025 scope of accreditation and a textual test description. While basically feeding this table from the back-end, the Lab user has the possibility on the front-end pages (Lab result/EQAS) to indicate the 'Capability and method(s) used:" when reporting the result in ADAMS. After the selection of one or more methods associated with the analysis, the result can be submitted with the specified methods. An alternative option is to use a free-text field test method comments which is also available on the frontend pages to detail the test method codes utilized in the analysis and which will appear on the ADAMS test report.

The “test method used” information for an analysed sample is an integral part of the Lab result/EQAS page, and is as such visible to the client ADO. The ISO codes selected for the sample and the free-text comments will be shown on the ADAMS Test report.  Under no circumstance will the full list of capabilities/methods pre-defined by the Lab be visible to any ADO. Regardless whether a Lab result is locked or not due to a match with a DCF, at all times the Lab will be able to add/modify the “test method used” information for any result.

The CSV/XML files for the import/update of analytical results will be expanded with new optional elements.


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