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An Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) is used to record a Lab Result which has been found to contain a prohibited substance.

It is created automatically by the system when a lab creates an analysis record that indicates an AAF.

The system will automatically attempt to match an AAF lab result to the relevant athlete.

The AAF will not become official until the auto-match is confirmed by an ADO or IF user. Please refer to the DCF section for more information on the matching process.

Once an AAF has been created it is possible for a user to create additional records in the system related to the AAF. ADAMS will link and display these records automatically.

It also allows users to view summary information surrounding an AAF, such as the related Anti-Doping Rule Violation, or a TUE that may negate the positive sample result by showing prior approval for the use of a specific drug.

Since ADAMS creates AAF's automatically they are only available to edit.

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