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If your custodian organization accepts SMS messaging for whereabouts updates in ADAMS, you can register and activate the SMS option on one or more mobile telephone numbers in your profile. To do this:

  1. Click My Profile, and then click edit in your Athlete Profile page.
  2. Under Contact Details & SMS Setup, make sure your mobile telephone number is entered correctly; otherwise click [add phone number], select the [Mobile] Phone type, and enter the Phone number to be recorded for SMS service. Click [Save].

Always include the country code of the mobile telephone number; for example, enter “1” for North America, “44” for the United Kingdom, etc.
Here are some examples of valid telephone number formats for SMS use (all phone numbers must start with the country code):

  • +1 514 555 1212 (North America)
  • +33 412 3456 (France)
  • +44 778 155 5666 (United Kingdom)


3. Check the use SMS checkbox for the mobile telephone you wish to register for SMS service. If the checkbox is not shown, your organization is not set up to support SMS.  The activate button will appear, along with a WARNING message.

For US-based mobile telephone numbers, the US based mobile checkbox should be checked.  Owners of mobile numbers whose carrier is based in the United States should be using the phone number: 1 641 847 0066 to send SMS messages to ADAMS.  (Please note that this service is not available for Canadian-based mobile numbers.). If you register a mobile telephone number beginning with a 1 area code (i.e. based in North America), a additional message will appear.  This message reminds mobile customers based in the United States that they can enter the HELP and STOP command at any time from their mobile telephone, to obtain more information and opt-out of SMS in ADAMS, respectively.  A link displaying the Terms and Conditions for US-based customer also appears.

4. Click the activate button. ADAMS Whereabouts will then send an SMS message containing a three-digit activation code to the mobile telephone number being registered. The message will instruct you to reply via SMS with the three-digit activation code. 

5. You should reply back via SMS with the three-digit code within 24 hours; otherwise the activation code will expire and you will have to reactivate the connection in ADAMS over again.  The activation instruction contained in the SMS will also appear on the ADAMS page until the process is complete.

6. Once you have replied with the correct activation code you will receive an Activation Confirmed acknowledgement via SMS from ADAMS Whereabouts.

7. The status Activated will be displayed in ADAMS next to the mobile telephone number you have successfully activated for SMS Whereabouts. At this time you may start sending Whereabouts updates to ADAMS via SMS.

8. ADAMS will send an SMS confirmation every time it receives a whereabouts update via SMS. The message will read: “ADAMS Whereabouts: Message received  on dd-Mmm-yyyy hh:mm GMT. Your custodian organization will process its content."  ADAMS will also display an updated status instead of the Activated status, next to the use SMS checkbox on the Athlete Profile page: the status message will read “SMS-update received on dd-Mmm-yyyy hh:mm GMT.” and will overwrite any previous status message.


Issues with SMS confirmations?  Please note that, because of service agreements and international compatibility issues between mobile carriers, athletes who are not in the area normally covered by their mobile carrier may not always receive SMS confirmations from ADAMS.  Should the athlete never receive any SMS confirmation from ADAMS, please ensure that the mobile number is not on a NDNC (National Do Not Call) list, which would prevent delivery of SMS confirmations.

  1. You can at any time disable SMS for a specific telephone number by editing your profile and un-checking the use SMS checkbox, then clicking save. Once SMS is disabled on a specific telephone number, you must follow the above procedure if you wish to re-enable SMS on the same telephone number. 
  2. You can also reactivate the validation procedure at any time by clicking the reactivate button if you suspect that there are issues with SMS messages going through the mobile network.

ADAMS Whereabouts SMS phone number:

You will notice other Tabs on your Profile page:


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