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The Biological Passport Page can be directly accessed from the Biological Result and Atypical Passport Findings notifications (see below to know when these notifications are sent). The Biological Passport page can also be accessed at any time using the Search function. 

Accessing a biological passport from a notification

  1. Open the notification
  2. Click on the reference link

Accessing the Biological Passport page as an ADO User

  1. Search for the Athlete in the Athlete Quick search using his name, ADAMS ID, BPID, IFID…

  1. In the Athlete tree section, expand the passport branch
  2. Expand the relevant branch (hematological or steroidal passport)
  3. Click on the Athlete's BPID


Accessing the Biological Passport page as an APMU or Expert User

Search using the Athlete's BPID and click on the record found.

If your ADO has implemented both a Hematological and Steroidal APMU, click on the "Steroidal Passport" menu from the home page to search for a steroidal passport.

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