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Different ADAMS users can access whereabouts on the athlete's behalf, if they are granted the rights to do so. This section summarizes the access rights.

The list of organizations and agents who can access the athlete whereabouts, as well as team managers who can add team whereabouts to their calendar, is listed in the Security tab of the Athlete Profile.

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Athlete Users and Athlete Agents

Athlete users (and any athlete agent assigned to them) can enter, view, modify and submit their whereabouts at all times.

Custodian Organization Users

Any users from the custodian organization can be granted rights to access whereabouts for one (or more) athlete or team:

  • If the athlete does not have a user account:

The custodial organization of the athlete can view and modify the whereabouts regardless of the submission status.

  • If the athlete has a user account:

The custodial organization of the athlete can view and modify only the submitted whereabouts of the athlete. However, this rule can be changed with the athlete's permission or with the administrator's configuration, as described below.

Athlete's Permission

Athletes with a user account can give permission to their custodian to access their whereabouts details, regardless of whether or not they are submitted. To do this, the athlete needs to change the option in their User Preferences – accessible by clicking the orange link with their name on the black taskbar. Then they can select the grant option under Access configuration.

Access Configuration by Custodian Administrator

The administrator of the custodial organization can grant or revoke access to their users, for whereabouts that are not submitted. This is done individually, one athlete at a time.

To do this, the administrator accesses the athlete account in the User Account Management section. The option is presented at the bottom of the Edit User Account page:

The administrator can select any of the access options that are shown: use the athlete configuration, grant access, or revoke access. A reason for the configuration change must also be entered.

Other (Than Custodian) Organization Users

Other organizations with access to the athlete can only view the submitted whereabouts of the athlete. Major Game Organizations can have an access defined with a time period.

Team Managers

Team managers can enter whereabouts for the teams to which they were granted access. Other than this right, they may have read access to the whereabouts of their team's athletes – provided that the athletes are under the custodianship of their organization.

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