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ADAMS Version 3.4


This ADAMS User Guide was designed to show you how to perform basic functions within ADAMS, step by step, in the most direct way. The individual sections are arranged in a sequence that follows a typical workflow.
Please note, too, that some screen shots may appear different than in your installation due to browser settings and hardware configuration of your computer.

What's New in ADAMS?

ADAMS features the following enhancements:

  • On the Whereabouts module:
    • It is possible to delete multiple whereabouts entries related to one or more dates in the quarter in one go. See Deleting Whereabouts entries.
    • When you move away from the calendar window without submitting, or after making making changes to the whereabouts calendar that left some errors, reminder messages are issued. See Error Conditions.
    • Once you modify your already submitted Whereabouts calendar, it is no longer required to re-submit. See Submitting whereabouts (Quarter statuses).
    • The submission history tab was redesigned. See The Whereabouts Interface.
    • Phone numbers associated with addresses are displayed in the View entry window.
    • The process for creating Travel entries is simplified. See Whereabouts Entries.
    • The Additional Information is no longer exclusively linked to an Address entry and is modifiable on the specific Whereabouts entry itself. See Editing Whereabouts entries. 
    • Whereabouts automatic notifications rules where modified. See Submitting Whereabouts.

Table of Contents

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User Setup and General Notes
My Zone - Home Page
My Profile
My Address Book
Athlete Whereabouts
My Recent Tests
Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Documents
Biological results
ADAMS Mobile App user guide

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