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ADAMS Maintenance Schedule


This ADAMS User Guide was designed to show you how to perform basic functions within ADAMS, step by step, in the most direct way. The individual sections are arranged in a sequence that follows a typical workflow.
Throughout this document, we have used fictitious names for all persons in our screen shots and examples. Any resemblance to real persons, living or not, is purely coincidental.
Please note, too, that some screen shots may appear different than in your installation due to browser settings and hardware configuration of your computer.

What's New in September 2018?

  • ADAMS Legal consent and data privacy is available in: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, Italian, Magyar, Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil).
  • ADAMS sends suspicious account activity email alerts: Atypical Account Activities emails

What's New in June 2018?

What's New in April 2018?

  • Users have to provide a email address and optional mobile phone number (Alternate Login Options)
  • Users with validated mobile phone number are offered an alternate login method should they forget the answers to their security questions (User Contact Details)
  • Administrator accounts can only be created and edited by ADAMS administrators
  • All temporary passwords (including the ones assigned by administrators) expiry within 24 hours


What's New in Release 4.6 ?

We are pleased to announce that two factor authentication has been introduced in ADAMS on June 20th in order to enhance ADAMS security even further.

When activated Anti-Doping Organizations users (including athletes under their custody) will have to provide, in addition to their username and password, either a code received via SMS or a one-time password generated by a Two-Factor authentication application. Instructions can be found using the links below.

This security feature is not enabled by default for all organizations, the ones interested should contact the ADAMS helpdesk.

What's New in ADAMS 4.0.5?

  •   Duplicate Test Warning 

In an effort to avoid duplicate testing and promote coordination between ADOs via ADAMS, Anti-Doping Organizations (ADO) will be able to activate duplicate test warnings for specific Testing Authorities (TA). 


ADO1 will be able to designate ADO2 as a trusted organization for planned tests. This means that whenever ADO2 (TA is ADO2) plans a test within X number of days (parameter set by ADO1) of a test planned or completed by ADO1, ADAMS will display a warning.

  •  New language - Turkish

Turkish will be added to the available languages.


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