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First Log into ADAMS on the Mobile.


  • Open ADAMS Mobile App;
  • Login;
  • The "Terms and Conditions" screen is displayed with "Start" and "e-mail" options. Read the "Terms and Conditions";
  • Click "Start" to start using the App.


  • Login to display the home screen.
  • If activated, the user can login to the Mobile App using a pin code:
  • The system displays the login with a pin code screen; Enter your pin code;
    The home screen is displayed.

Resetting your password


  • The athlete password can be reset using the steps below:
  • Click on the question mark on the login screen;
  • Enter your username and email address (the same as the one saved in your ADAMS profile) to receive a temporary password;
  • A confirmation screen is displayed.

    Note that, you will only receive a temporary password if the entered email address is the same as the one in your ADAMS profile.

ADAMS Mobile App main tabs


The home screen displays the next 3 upcoming 60-min time slots and the current quarter status which can have the following values:

  • Not submitted;
  • Submitted;
  • Non-Compliant;
  • Compliant.

    For submitted quarters, users can list all upcoming 60-min time slots by clicking "View more". A summary of the current quarter's errors is displayed in the "Errors screen" for RTP athletes.


The calendar is accessible from the calendar icon. Similar to the website, days are flagged:

  • : if the date does not contain any errors;
  • : If the date is not compliant with the whereabouts custodian requirements.

    The calendar is available in day and month view. To toggle between the two views click on the "Day" or "Month" button.
    Left arrow and right arrow allow respectively to go to the previous and the next month.
    The list of entries and the information missing on the selected date are displayed below the calendar.
    We also have the refresh button ( ) which allows the user to have the last version of the calendar

Updating a 60-min time slot

Users can update their 60-min time slots and the associated addresses:

  • First choose the relevant entry (through home screen, calendar month or day view);
  • Click on the "Edit" button at the top right of the screen;
  • Click on "60-min timeslot";
  • Change the start and end time then save;

    If the current entry is part of a recurring series, the pop-up below will be displayed. Select "Update this occurrence" or "Update entire series".

Adding new entry (Overnight accommodation, competition, regular activities, other)

  • In the calendar month view, click on the "+" (add) button;
  • choose "New entry"
  • Complete the information:
    • Start End: choose the "Start" and "End" date of the Entry
    • Category: Overnight Accommodation, Competition, Regular Activities, Other.
    • Address: select an address from the "Address Book" or create a new one.
    • Timeslot: if needed, select a time slot
    • Repeat: if applicable, select the recurrence of the entry (Daily, Weekly, Specific Dates, and Never).
  • Click "Save".

 Adding a new Mailing Address

ADAMS Mobile App Android.doc

Using the Address book

  • Click on the Profile icon at bottom of your screen;
  • Then click on "Demographic profile";
  • Click "Edit";
  • In the "Contact details " section, click on the "Post address" button;
  • Click on the "+" (add) button;
  • The "Add address screen" is displayed. Users can :
    • manually enter a new address: the user will have to fill the form then save;
    • use the "GPS" function by Clicking on the "GPS"
  • The current location is automatically selected, click on "Save". The "Add Address" screen is then prefilled; complete the remaining fields and save.

    Note: For the first use of the GPS function, a pop up message is displayed as shown in the screen below. Click Ok.
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