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What’s new in version iOS 3.3.4? 

Released on: September 3rd 2017 

The iOS version 3.3.4 includes the following bug fixes :

  • PIN code login:
    • Users were unable to login in the offline mode.
    • Application crashed when users cleared their cache.
  • Updating Whereabouts entry types: it was not possible to change an entry type from “Other” to  “Overnight Accommodation”.

What’s new in version iOS 3.3.3?

Released on: August 11th  2017 

The iOS version 3.3.3 includes a few bug fixes:

  • Calendar showing the wrong day of the week
  • Whereabouts entries date could not be updated to an earlier date
  • Error connecting to the server
  • Crashes while navigating the App.

What’s new in version iOS 3.3.2?

Released on: July 26th 2017 

  • Correction of the case where mobile users are constantly asked to their personal verification question (PVQ) despite having "trusted" the device.
  • Application crashed on opening when users updated from version 2.1 to 3.3 

What’s new in version 3.3?

Released on: June 29th 2017 

  • Improved overall performance.

  • A bulletin page where ADAMS notices will be available reflecting the bulletins available on the main site. (iOS and Android)

  • Two factor authentication with PVQ (Personal verification questions) – An additional layer of security that has already been implemented in the ADAMS Web application is now reflected ADAMS mobile application as well. (iOS and Android)

  • Trusted devices - Once a user signs into a device using two-factor authentication a combination of username/password and a security question), they will have the possibility to trust the used device and bypass the PVQs thereafter. (iOS and Android)

  • The application will now permit the submission of full quarter information rather than merely facilitate the updating of information that was submitted on the main site. (iOS and Android)

  •  A 60-minute time slot can be selected from between 0500 and 0600 as is the case on the main site.


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