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Time Out – For security reasons, ADAMS has been configured to time out after a certain period of inactivity. If you do not submit any data or click any of the links for this period of time, ADAMS will log you off the system. The maximum idle period is 30 minutes; should you exceed that period, then you will need to log in again.

Back Button – ADAMS does not support the use of your browser Back button and in most areas of the site you will discover that it does not work. Therefore it is required that you navigate through ADAMS by using the appropriate links. You can always return to the My zone page by clicking the ADAMS logo in the upper-left corner of the page:


One ADAMS Session Per User – You can only have one single ADAMS session at a time. Should you try opening another session for the same user on a different computer or browser, the initial session will be deactivated and the following message will be displayed:

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