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This ADAMS User Guide was designed to show you how to perform basic functions within ADAMS, step by step, in the most direct way. The individual sections are arranged in a sequence that follows a typical workflow.
Please note, too, that some screen shots may appear different than in your installation due to browser settings and hardware configuration of your computer.

what's New in November 2019?

What's New in September 2018?

  • ADAMS Legal consent and data privacy is available in: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, Italian, Magyar, Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil).
  • ADAMS sends suspicious account activity email alerts: Atypical Account Activities Emails

What's New in June 2018?

What's New in April 2018?

  • Users have to provide a email address and optional mobile phone number (Alternate Login Options)
  • Users with validated mobile phone number are offered an alternate login method should they forget the answers to their security questions (User Contact Details)


What’s New in Release 4.0.5?

  • Whereabouts entries – rooming list information

Rooming information (Building, Floor, Room number) fields were added to the website's whereabouts entry form. Update on Mobile App will be done shortly.

  • New language - Turkish

Turkish will be added to the available languages.

What’s New in Release 4.0  (December 8th 2014)?

  • Code ISL ISTUE ISPPPI TDSSA 2015 effective start date in ADAMS

    2015 Code, IST, ISTUE, ISPPPI and TDSSA related enhancements will come in effect on January 1st 2015 New Zealand time.

  • ISTI 2015 Article I.3.2: Whereabouts 60-Minutes Testing Slot, Start Time at 5:00 AM

    In conformance with the International Standard for Testing and Investigation 2015, article 3.2 of Annex I, ADAMS will allow the start time of the whereabouts 60-Minutes testing slot to start at 5:00 AM instead of 6:00 AM.

  • ISTUE art.7.0: TUES Recognition / Non-Recognition

    In conformance with the ISTUE art.7.0, ADOs will be able to recognize TUEs granted by other ADOs.

  • ISTUE art.7.0: Request for TUE Recognition

    In conformance with the ISTUE art.7.0, Athletes will be able to submit a request for TUE recognition to International Federations or Major Event Organizations through the TUE form.

  • Retroactive Applications

    As per the TUE Application Form template in the ISTUE, the TUE requestor will have the option to indicate if this is a retroactive TUE application.

    A collapsible section will be added immediately under the “Next Competition and Date” box.

  • 2015 International Standard for Protection of Privacy and Personal Information

    ADAMS data retention policies will be updated in accordance with the ISPPPI 2015.

  • TDSSA Sports- Disciplines list management

    The list of sports/disciplines available in Doping Control Forms will be restricted to the ones in Appendix 1 and 2 of the International Standard for Sport Specific Analysis. It is available for download here.

    The field, “Sport/discipline” in Test and DCF forms, will no longer be auto-filled based on the athlete profile information; a manual selection will be required.

What's New in ADAMS?

ADAMS features the following enhancements:

  • Athlete access to the Athlete Biological Passport result validity
    In addition to having access to their blood passport raw data and urine results, athletes also see whether their blood passport samples are valid or not.
    The information is available in "My Recent Tests".
  • TUEs
    The TUE status automatically changes to "Expired" and a note is added to the “Activity” tab when the substance expiry date passes (or the latest expiration date when there are multiple substances).
    The TUE Certificate generated when the application form is approved always displays the sporting organization logo.
  • ADAMS Mobile App:
    Usernames with special characters are now accepted.

Table of Contents

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User Setup and General Notes
My Zone - Home Page
My Profile
My Address Book
Athlete Whereabouts
My Recent Tests
Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Documents
Biological results


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