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Changing the answer of your selected Security question

Once logged in on ADAMS, you have the possibility to adjust or completely replace the answer to a Security question that you previously configured. Go to you User Preferences by clicking your name top right of the ADAMS page, and select My Challenge questions:

After pressing My Challenge Questions you will be offered a similar window as at the initial configuration:

You simply select the Security question from the drop down list, and enter a new answer or modify the existing answer. As an additional security measure, ADAMS will request you to enter your password associated with your ADAMS user name, before you can save your modification.

In case you desire to replace your selected Security question altogether by another question, select that question from the pick list and press the button Remove configured answer. This will erase the answer, and will allow you to select another question for your configuration. At all times ADAMS will inform you if you need to configure additional questions.


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